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“ asked security companies, consultants and IT experts to discuss other potential flaws that are ripe for exploit. Please read full article to find out the five that should catch your attention.”#CIO, #ITSecurity

The Next Heartbleed: 5 Security Vulnerabilities to Watch

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‘According to new research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, #CIOs should be leading technology-driven business innovation at their organizations, business leaders say, yet the daily concerns of running IT may be holding them back.’

You can download the full report “Business Transformation and the CIO Role” at 

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“IBM Institute conducted a research with 1,600 CIOs around the world and identified three main steps that CIOs at the top-performing companies are taking. They are moving from the back office to the front lines. Find out more in @Forbes article.” #CIO

Three Things CIOs Can Do To Improve Company Strategy

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“Do you agree with this article? What percentage of the chief information officers would fit this description? #CIO

Why Your Company Should Consider Adding A CIO To The Board

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“A new study by Forrester illuminates the changing IT landscape, finding that the share of IT projects primarily or exclusively run by IT department will decline from 55% in 2009 to 47% in 2015.” #CIO

Are #CIOs Losing Power?

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“Kevin Ledford, CIO of Chiquita Brands says the company has a “cloud first” mantra for all new applications.” #CIO, #Cloudcomputing

5 lessons for CIOs in the age of the cloud

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“More than 50 discussions with heads of infrastructure at Fortune Global 500 companies have been conducted to get a sense of the issues they are wrestling with. See what they need to focus on.” #CIO

The enterprise IT infrastructure agenda for 2014

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“In today’s #Big Data world: both the #CMO and #CIO are on the hook for turning all that data into above-market growth. Can they make this shotgun marriage work?”

CMOs and CIOs Need to Get Along to Make Big Data Work

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“How much time should a new CIO be given to have an impact? What do you think?” #CIO

New CIOs Need At Least 2 Years to Take Charge, Research Finds

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“For the world’s economy to get full value from technological innovation, it must have a robust, coordinated approach to cybersecurity. A new report from the @World Economic Forum and @McKinsey & Company looks at how that could happen.” #CIO, #ITSecurity

Risk and responsibility in a hyperconnected world: Implications for enterprises

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