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Spähaffäre: Die Gesellschaft kann etwas gegen die Überwachung tun

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Spionage: 200 US-Geheimdienstler spionieren offiziell in Deutschland

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Gesichtserkennung: NSA soll täglich Millionen von Fotos sammeln

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“@DannyCrichton highlights the challenges of security with today’s Internet. It’s 2014. Do you know where your security is?” #ITSecurity

It’s The Security, Stupid!

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“ asked security companies, consultants and IT experts to discuss other potential flaws that are ripe for exploit. Please read full article to find out the five that should catch your attention.”#CIO, #ITSecurity

The Next Heartbleed: 5 Security Vulnerabilities to Watch

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Is it still possible in today’s world to avoid having pictures of oneself online?


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‘Interesting article from @DavidLinthicum on Cloud losing the PR war over security.’ #CloudSecurity

In the PR war over security, the cloud is losing

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‘Hackers are using Find my #iPhone to Hold #iOS Devices for #Ransom.’ #iphonehijack

Apple devices ‘hijacked for ransom’ in Australia

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‘How much privacy really remains?’ #Data, #privacy

How Urban Anonymity Disappears When All Data Is Tracked

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‘How to give Open Source the support it needs…’ #OpenSSL, #Linux

OpenSSL and Linux: A Tale of Two Open-Source Projects

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