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“Convenience over Security. Starbucks chose not to encrypt the data and store it on its servers thereby raising security risk in Starbucks mobile app. Consumers should never assume the apps they use in their smartphones are secure.” #Mobile #Apps

Security Risk in Starbucks App a ‘Wakeup Call’ for Consumers

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“Businesses of all sizes will face major security risks, while the CIO will be taking on a larger, unprecedented role concerning #mobile security risks. What is your enterprise resolution for 2014?” #CIO, #ITSecurity, #mobile

The Year Ahead

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“Text messaging is on the decline in the U.K. and U.S.; will the rest of the globe follow? What app are you using?” #mobile

SOS, SMS! Is Texting Nearing Extinction? Mobile-App Use Increased 115% in 2013

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Location-based #mobile marketing promises the sky and according to many accounts, it does deliver.

Why Local-Mobile Marketing Is Exploding

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“BlackBerry’s chances of becoming a viable contender to Apple Inc. and Google Inc. in the smartphone market are dimming amid lackluster demand.” #Blackberry

BlackBerry Fades in Fight to Be No. 3 in Mobile

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#Mobile Trends

According to #Forrester Research: only 21% of devs are using analytics for mobile. Stop ignoring ways to make the SDLC more performant & efficient.  A #Forrester analysts identifies the following Mobile Trends:Mobile Trend #1: Mobile platforms will be the catalyst

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