Our Mission

DigitalEkho is an IT Consulting Company focused on helping enterprises through their most challenging IT projects with very senior IT resources:

  • We help companies protect their most sensitive intellectual property. Our mission is to raise the awareness to an ever rising threat and fundamentally change how organizations implement and manage security in their environment.
  • We help companies successfully through their largest transformations : from internal to outsourced, from outsourced to internal, from on premises to the cloud.
  • We advise CIOs and Executive Boards/Boards of Directors with the most senior IT consultants, all with deep and long senior corporate experience in order to significantly reduce risks as well as leverage new technologies and business models.

  • About DigitalEkho

    The idea behind DigitalEkho was created in late 2010 and then fine tuned by Leon V. Schumacher, into the current set-up. Leon is a former Group CIO of Novartis and of Mittal Steel, as well as a board member of several leading technology companies throughout the world. DigitalEkho is an international IT consulting company which addresses specialized IT topics with very experienced senior leaders, coming from the most senior IT positions in the corporate world.