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Google previews Docker support for Compute Engine

This may be the future of virtualization! Docker for Compute Engine will integrate with Google’s existing container technology  

“Apple announces that it is dropping Windows 7 support in Boot Camp. What do you think?”

Windows 8 picks up an unlikely ally in Apple

“Oracle currently takes the top slot, along with MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. But Oracle’s ranking is down year-over-year from 2012.” #Oracle, #Mysql

“People vs. Windows 8…A year after its release, Microsoft’s new operating system is still a flop.” #Microsoft

Windows 8 Performance Remains Weak

“10 old-school IT principles in modernized disguise”

Bob Lewis of InfoWorld lists the 10 old-school IT principles that still rule, albeit, in a modernized guise: It’s never just about how good the technology is Good information security starts with good physical security Know the threats Testing software

CrowdStrike Lands $30 Million Series B Led by Accel Partners

CrowdStrike Lands $30 Million Series B Led by Accel Partners

“How much risk are you taking? How comfortable are you with failure?”

C’mon, IT Leaders. Take a Chance!

“eBusiness executives: Do you have one? if not, you really should be kick-starting things before it’s too late.”

What’s your in-store digital strategy?

“Spencer Stuart has identified three fundamental requirements for realizing the potential of big data: organization-wide talent able to operate effectively in a data-driven world; a culture that promotes data-driven decision-making; and an organizational structure that promotes the shared use of data.”#BigData

Beyond the Hype: Building a Big Data-Enabled Organization

Here are some of the features that have the broadest appeal and will have the most direct impact on users.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Preview: Your cloud on-ramp is under construction

"Forrester’s tech market update shows both the global and the European tech markets have pockets of strength and other pockets of weakness, both by product and by geography." #Technology

The US market for business and government purchases of information technology goods and services doing relatively well, along with tech markets in Latin America and Eastern Europe/Middle East/Africa and parts of Asia Pacific. However, the tech market in Western and

Taking software development to the next level. Please find my article with the #netzwoche

“Viele Entwickler sind weit von der Sichtweise des Benutzers entfernt”

How #Siri really works…

“Recent #Forrester survey data indicates that the focus on building mobile web experiences is measurably higher than the focus on developing purpose-built mobile applications.”

"The role of the #CISO is changing. The "next-gen" CISOs are commonly savvy business professionals, experienced at implementing change and evolving processes, and adept at dealing with strategies, resource plans and board-level discussions."

The Demise of the Player/Manager CISO

"Op-ed: If Redmond wants Metro apps to succeed, it needs education, not capitulation."

Microsoft should stick to its guns and keep the Start button gone

"Gartner predicts that by 2017 the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO. IDC reports that by 2016, line of business executives will control 40 percent of IT spending. Will CMOs and CIOs become business partners or merely grit their teeth and co-exist?"

What Do CMOs and CIOs Really Think of Each Other?

Peter Evans, GE’s director of global strategy and analytics, and Marco Annunziata, GE’s chief economist, predict that $32.3 trillion worth of global output, will benefit from the Industrial Internet.

The Industrial Internet: The next great economic revolution

With dwindling PC sales, where are all the supposed Windows 8 licenses going?

Plummeting PC sales expose fiction of Windows 8 numbers

Forrester Research identifies…

1. Strategy2. Governance3. Execution as critical digital functions.