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Spähaffäre: Die Gesellschaft kann etwas gegen die Überwachung tun

Spionage: 200 US-Geheimdienstler spionieren offiziell in Deutschland

Gesichtserkennung: NSA soll täglich Millionen von Fotos sammeln

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It’s The Security, Stupid!

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The Next Heartbleed: 5 Security Vulnerabilities to Watch

Is it still possible in today’s world to avoid having pictures of oneself online?


‘Interesting article from @DavidLinthicum on Cloud losing the PR war over security.’ #CloudSecurity

In the PR war over security, the cloud is losing

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Apple devices ‘hijacked for ransom’ in Australia

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How Urban Anonymity Disappears When All Data Is Tracked

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OpenSSL and Linux: A Tale of Two Open-Source Projects

‘Critical Security Bug #Heartbleed Hits Up To 66 Percent Of The Internet.’

Here’s everything you need to know about the Heartbleed web security flaw

“Microsoft says it snooped on Hotmail to track leak giving us all a reason to quit Hotmail.” #microsoft #hotmail #privacy, #security

Microsoft sniffed blogger’s Hotmail account to trace leak

“@WIRED consulted with experts to compile this list of 10 measures tech companies should adopt to protect customer data, whether it resides on a distant corporate server or is making its way across the Internet.” #security, #privacy

Here is an excerpt from the Wired article. You can read the full article on:  1) End-to-end encryption. This is the most important technological change. End-to-end encryption would help protect data through its entire journey from sender to recipient. Google and

“@the_intercept reports that top-secret documents contain new details about groundbreaking surveillance technology the #NSA has developed to infect potentially millions of computers worldwide with #malware “implants.” NSA & its counterparts use cookies from Google, Facebook, Twitter as surveillance “selectors.” #Internet

How the NSA Plans to Infect ‘Millions’ of Computers with Malware

“In his keynote conversation at the SXSW Interactive conference this week, Edward Snowden emphasized that “Online security is only successful if every company does its part.” Do you think companies and individuals are making enough effort?” #Internet, #privacy

Online Security as Herd Immunity

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Cloud Service Providers Fight Back, Challenge NSA

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Update your iThings NOW: Apple splats scary SSL snooping bug in iOS Details about Apple SSL vulnerability and iOS 7.0.6 patch

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Exploit released for vulnerability targeted by #Linksys router worm

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What a fake antivirus attack on a trusted website looks like