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“Any problems that need solving?”@9gag

International Guidelines For Problem Solving

“Interesting article from @HBR with great insight.”

10 Charts from 2013 that changed the way we think

“With more people online, the internet minute is simply richer. The proportion of the global population using the internet rose three percentage points to 38.8% this year.”

A snapshot of one minute on the internet, today and in 2012 What Happens in an Internet Minute?

“Only 25% of Yahoo employees moved over from Microsoft Outlook to the new Yahoo Mail product. ‘Windows 95 called and they want their mail app back.’ ” #Yahoo Mail

Clinging to Outlook, Only 25 Percent of Yahoo Employees Willing to Eat Mail “Dogfood” (Best Memo Ever!)

“Google’s management team is dancing around having dodged what could have been a competitive bullet or two from Apple, such as a new iWatch, iTV or even a new laptop.”

Google laughs at Apple’s new iPhones or something

Obama on the NSA’s PRISM program

"The mantra for keeping Twitter ticking, and the key to its future, is infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure."

How Twitter Keeps Its Billions Of Messages Flying Through The Air

ICT Spring Europe 2013 today with Jimmy Wales from Wikipedia

Great Event with the selection of the CIO of the Year and the Start-up of the Year. 650 people at the gala dinner.

According to Forrester Research, 38% of people take their mobile phones into the bathroom…

How will you get yours delivered?

When Your $450,000 Aston Martin Has to Arrive Overnight

Achieving Perfection

When your 450,000 Aston Martin has to arrive overnight

Are you suffering from email apnea?

If your inbox is suffocating you take a deep breath and then fight back

Are you a "complexifier?"

Overcome the Complexity Within You

What is your personal branding?

Your personal brand is more than your follower count

Which social network is actually the one where the prospects and customers are influenced to buy?

Which social network makes your customers buy?

The S.E.C is playing catch-up to the new era of social media. S.E.C. says US companies can use #Twitter to announce results.

S.E.C. clears social media for corporate announcements

Is Email A Scourge Or Merely A Scapegoat?

Email a scourge or merely a scapegoat for information overload?

The Most Innovative Social Media Companies 2013

Most innovative social media companies 2013